I think you're a winner even if you don't get free coffee. Posted on 03 Feb 10:44 , 0 comments

First things first department

January's prize coin was Namecoin. Nobody put in any Namecoin orders, so... nobody wins. I will draw another coin soon. It will *not* be Namecoin, and maybe this month I will give a hint. Maybe.


Pleasant Grove - The Heart Contortionists album art
CryptoMercado.com will be selling the new Pleasant Grove album, _The Heart Contortionists_. This Dallas band has been making amazing music since the 90s and they are back with a new album. Considering the first 3 they've done, this is sure to be awesome and I am super excited to be supporting them. It goes on sale on Friday the 5th officially, but you can check out some songs and pre-order it now:



$14, no shipping. Sorry, no vinyl yet - delays at the pressing plant, all too common these days. We'll let you know once it's available.


(Please note: I will be on hand at Saturday's Fort Worth show and able to transact live if you would like. We will probably also be adding some other PG merchandise to the site shortly. Also, be aware that these will not ship out until Monday at the earliest.)

Man, we have been adding stuff left and right to the store as we get inspired. We've got some delicious macadamia nuts with sea salt ( http://cryptomercado.com/collections/frontpage/products/royal-hawaiian-orchards-sea-salt-macadamias ). We've got Hell On The Red salsa/party dip ( http://cryptomercado.com/collections/frontpage/products/hell-on-the-red-party-dip-salsa ). We even have a titanium spork that we sell cheaper than REI ( http://cryptomercado.com/collections/frontpage/products/light-my-fire-spork-titanium ). Take a browse around the site and see what we've added - we've set up categories for easy access and put a lot of stuff on front street - aka the front page. Find something you like, we'd like to send it to you and exchange some cryptocurrency for it!


In other news, last month, we promised that one person who signed up for this here mailing list would win a free pound of coffee. If more people signed up, more pounds of coffee for the winner. Unfortunately, we only had 20 people in the drawing this month, so only 1 pound of coffee for the prize. The good news? The winner is Joshua T of Ohio.


Joshua, please email me back and we will get you set up on your coffee!