new products - more coffee, nuts, snacks, SPORKS?! Posted on 17 Jan 01:41 , 0 comments

We have added Solar Roast Coffee products to our catalog, along with some Royal Hawaiian Orchards products featuring macadamias, and Chef's Cut Real Steak Jerky. You can find these in the coffee and snack sections right now.

We have also added the Light My Fire Spork Titanium at a price lower than certain camping stores. So we got that going for us. I've always wanted a spork. Maybe you have too? Well, now you can have one, and you can buy it with your favorite cryptocurrency. Who says Bitcoin failed?

One last thing: we now have a Twitter. You can find it at @cryptomercado1 - when El Jefe gets in the zone, he posts a lot, and he posts after each product is added to the catalog, so if you want a quick link and the tiniest of updates, follow us! It'll be characteriffic - probably.