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TL;DR Join our mailing list and be entered into a random drawing for a free pound of coffee (or more)! Order from CryptoMercado and get entered into a drawing for a refund!

To celebrate the new year (and the end of Wacky December), we're going to have two contests.

First contest:

Click here to sign up for the CryptoMercado mailing list!

Rules are simple. At the end of January, we will have a random drawing for a prize. The value of the prize will vary with the number of people who sign up. For 25 and under, the prize will be one pound of coffee from Cafe Brazil. For 50, the prize will be TWO pounds. For 100, THREE pounds. Each time the number of entrants doubles, we will add one pound of coffee. We will contact the winner after the drawing to determine the exact flavors of coffee (or other product) the winner wants.

Second contest:

At the beginning of each month, I will randomly draw a coin from those we accept. Any orders during the calendar month made with that coin will be entered into a random drawing, and one winner will win a refund of their order. (Disclaimer: It will be either the same number of coins returned, or the fiat equivalent due to price variations, whichever is lower. In other words, if Bitcoin doubles in price, you will receive half the number of Bitcoins. This is not a gamble on cryptocurrency pricing, sorry.) Again, we will contact the winner by email, so don't worry, we won't keep you in the dark and blindly ship coins to somewhere without telling you.

Picky rules stuff in plain English:

We will only accept entries from the US, sorry. Shipping outside of the US is still too crazy expensive. (Exception: StakeBox orders, since we do not pay shipping.) All email list entries will be validated before acceptance. By entering the email list contest, you are agreeing to accept commercial emails from CryptoMercado regarding product offerings or special promotions we are having. We won't go overboard and spam you, nor will we sell your email address (or other information) to anyone else. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Oh yeah, one other thing:

On the order contest? At the end of the month, we'll select a coin from the remaining ones and that will be the one for the next month. We reserve the right on the last day of the month to announce WHICH coin is the selected coin for that month if there are no orders for that coin. That means you could get the drop on everybody else and increase your odds of winning. We would probably do that announcement on our Facebook page. The CryptoMercado Facebook page is here.