lower pricing on Big Fatty's products! Posted on 05 Dec 15:38 , 0 comments

Hello folks,

We discovered that the pricing on the Big Fatty's products was incorrect due to an issue with bringing them over from our old system where shipping costs were included in the pricing for simplicity. As a result, the following products are at new, lower prices:

Mistress Karlita's Spanking Rub

Woody's Barbecue Sauce (mild)

These products are currently out of stock, but will reflect the updated prices when re-stocked:


Combustable Cornbread Mix

Woody's Barbecue Sauce (hot)

We have discussed this with Big Fatty's. They will be closed next weekend, but we may see restocks in approximately 2 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience and the incorrect pricing - one person ordered at the high price, and he already has a coupon code to make up for the mistake.

Did I mention - we love you guys? Any questions, comments, concerns? I always want to hear from you! Email me - eljefe at cryptomercado.com.