a review from a happy customer Posted on 30 Nov 08:00 , 0 comments

Here's a review from one of our earliest customers since the site opened up:

Cryptomercado is a resource needed SO LONG AGO! They have gourmet and unique artisinal options with a huge coffee selection; that will make anyone's palate dance for JOY! They are also adding new products that you might not be able to find at your local supermarket. 

Shipping was fast! It must've traveled here via drone. 
Ordering was easy and pleasant. I can't believe this hasn't been available sooner with the popularity of CryptoCurrency and a lack of places to actually use it. 
My Sales expert was informative and confident in all of the products. I had a plethora of annoying questions and he was just amazing. I bet I might have chosen [ed note - sic - ???]
My only regret is that I wish I ordered more. Highly recommended and used amongst my CryptoGang. 
See you next time! 
Lake Tahoe, California 
Kendall lays it on thick, but we appreciate her thoughts and her as a customer, especially! So far, I've been following up with all the orders and everything's hunky dory. Believe it or not, we actually beta and ALPHA tested CryptoMercado before the storefront was up and running. So if you have any concerns, comments, or questions - we want to hear them! Just email eljefe at cryptomercado.com any old time.