announcing our Cyber Black Wacky Friday Monday December sale! Posted on 25 Nov 23:30 , 0 comments

We have a lot of coffee on the site. People are liking the coffee. But tastes vary, and there's a lot of coffee to try. Why not sample some?

So here's what we're doing. We're offering various PACKs and various PICKs. You can get one of everything if you want. Or you can pick and choose only what you're interested in. And in return, we're going to give you a discount on it. Cool? Cool.

They will show up on the front page. No pictures, just the packs. Drink more coffee, folks! (And if you can't find them, search for "pack" or "pick".)

(Disclaimers: Depending on volume, this may delay shipments a few extra days. Please be patient!)