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Hello everybody. Happy Wacky Cyber French Wednesday Friday Fiesta Shindig!

Where to start? Oh yes. November marks the anniversary of CryptoMercado. When we started a year ago, we had one vision: foster acceptance of cryptocurrency and provide a way for user of cryptocurrency to use that currency for legitimate purposes. Some day, we're going to get around to that banner ad that says "We're like Silk Road, but with nothing illegal!"

Along the way, we made new friends and had a good time learning how to do things better. And we discovered that we can provide a valuable service for people by offering things they might not find in their regular stores. We're actively looking to expand out selection of Texan and Southern foods and items.So keep an eye on the site and we will let you know when we have new items on offer.
Despite our crypto mission, we have had a decent number of credit card and Paypal transactions - and don't get us wrong, we love you guys too! Regardless of how you pay, you want stuff, we got stuff, and we want to sell it to you.
Let's talk rewards. Something for you before we get to the hard sell.
During the month of December, each day, we will draw one order from ALL of the existing orders. We will then contact the customer and give you back 1% of your order cost through whatever method you prefer. Sure, it's not much, but it's a little bit of silly fun. EXCEPT... One lucky person is going to win 1% of the total of ALL existing orders. So somebody's going to make out like a bandit. And consider this... orders up until you get drawn count. So the more orders we get between now and then, the more you get back. So feel free to share some links!
How bout some deals? OK, now the sell (and the new-ish items).
We have cleaned up the site a smidge and brought back the PICK 4/6/8/etc deals. Want to sample a bunch of different coffees? Go right ahead! This year, you can pick any combination of flavors - flavored or black!
So, you can find the combo deals at the following pages:
Again, you can pick any combination you like - we just reused some existing URLs. Don't think you're limited to "flavor" or "black", K?
Oh yeah. We still have the titanium sporks. I want to sell them. Somebody buy one! It seems so ridiculous cool. It's titanium!
Also, we got some fancy new salt products in, among others. Take a look around the sight, and check out the salt right here -
BRING THE DIALOG! We love our customers and we're learning a ton by running this site. (For example, the shipping costs? Sometimes they're too high... we issue refunds, credits, coupon codes. So don't be afraid to order and think we're rooking you on that - this is the hardest part for us to figure out!) If you have questions, comments, or concerns, we want to hear from you! Ordered with a credit card but want to try out Bitcoin and don't know where to start? We can help. Not sure if Hell on the Red salsa ( ) is going to be too hot for you? We're here to help!
We have Twitter. We haven't been using it much because it seems silly, but if you have a Twitter and want to follow us, maybe that would get us more interested in using it - right now it just seems like a bunch of robots all yammering at each other. @cryptomercado1 - that's us!
We have Facebook. Less spambots, more real humans. You can join us there too.
Alright. Enough of our nonsense. Big week coming up - I hope you have at least one awesome meal this week
El Jefe

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First things first department

January's prize coin was Namecoin. Nobody put in any Namecoin orders, so... nobody wins. I will draw another coin soon. It will *not* be Namecoin, and maybe this month I will give a hint. Maybe.


Pleasant Grove - The Heart Contortionists album art will be selling the new Pleasant Grove album, _The Heart Contortionists_. This Dallas band has been making amazing music since the 90s and they are back with a new album. Considering the first 3 they've done, this is sure to be awesome and I am super excited to be supporting them. It goes on sale on Friday the 5th officially, but you can check out some songs and pre-order it now:



$14, no shipping. Sorry, no vinyl yet - delays at the pressing plant, all too common these days. We'll let you know once it's available.


(Please note: I will be on hand at Saturday's Fort Worth show and able to transact live if you would like. We will probably also be adding some other PG merchandise to the site shortly. Also, be aware that these will not ship out until Monday at the earliest.)

Man, we have been adding stuff left and right to the store as we get inspired. We've got some delicious macadamia nuts with sea salt ( ). We've got Hell On The Red salsa/party dip ( ). We even have a titanium spork that we sell cheaper than REI ( ). Take a browse around the site and see what we've added - we've set up categories for easy access and put a lot of stuff on front street - aka the front page. Find something you like, we'd like to send it to you and exchange some cryptocurrency for it!


In other news, last month, we promised that one person who signed up for this here mailing list would win a free pound of coffee. If more people signed up, more pounds of coffee for the winner. Unfortunately, we only had 20 people in the drawing this month, so only 1 pound of coffee for the prize. The good news? The winner is Joshua T of Ohio.


Joshua, please email me back and we will get you set up on your coffee!

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We have added Solar Roast Coffee products to our catalog, along with some Royal Hawaiian Orchards products featuring macadamias, and Chef's Cut Real Steak Jerky. You can find these in the coffee and snack sections right now.

We have also added the Light My Fire Spork Titanium at a price lower than certain camping stores. So we got that going for us. I've always wanted a spork. Maybe you have too? Well, now you can have one, and you can buy it with your favorite cryptocurrency. Who says Bitcoin failed?

One last thing: we now have a Twitter. You can find it at @cryptomercado1 - when El Jefe gets in the zone, he posts a lot, and he posts after each product is added to the catalog, so if you want a quick link and the tiniest of updates, follow us! It'll be characteriffic - probably.

new products - salsa, nuts, beans, spices, more coffee Posted on 06 Jan 09:42 , 0 comments

Hello everybody, just finished some catalog updates. We have added the following:

Salsa from Hell On The Red - my personal favorite, and very popular here in North Texas. (Being made in Texas doesn't hurt.)

Nuts from Simple Truth - good for snacking, or cooking.

Beans and Spices from Natural Grocers. Some are organic, but not all.

Equal Exchange Organic coffees. Because... coffee.

Hit the old search up there and check em out! As always, let me know if you have any comments or questions, let me know at eljefe at!

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TL;DR Join our mailing list and be entered into a random drawing for a free pound of coffee (or more)! Order from CryptoMercado and get entered into a drawing for a refund!

To celebrate the new year (and the end of Wacky December), we're going to have two contests.

First contest:

Click here to sign up for the CryptoMercado mailing list!

Rules are simple. At the end of January, we will have a random drawing for a prize. The value of the prize will vary with the number of people who sign up. For 25 and under, the prize will be one pound of coffee from Cafe Brazil. For 50, the prize will be TWO pounds. For 100, THREE pounds. Each time the number of entrants doubles, we will add one pound of coffee. We will contact the winner after the drawing to determine the exact flavors of coffee (or other product) the winner wants.

Second contest:

At the beginning of each month, I will randomly draw a coin from those we accept. Any orders during the calendar month made with that coin will be entered into a random drawing, and one winner will win a refund of their order. (Disclaimer: It will be either the same number of coins returned, or the fiat equivalent due to price variations, whichever is lower. In other words, if Bitcoin doubles in price, you will receive half the number of Bitcoins. This is not a gamble on cryptocurrency pricing, sorry.) Again, we will contact the winner by email, so don't worry, we won't keep you in the dark and blindly ship coins to somewhere without telling you.

Picky rules stuff in plain English:

We will only accept entries from the US, sorry. Shipping outside of the US is still too crazy expensive. (Exception: StakeBox orders, since we do not pay shipping.) All email list entries will be validated before acceptance. By entering the email list contest, you are agreeing to accept commercial emails from CryptoMercado regarding product offerings or special promotions we are having. We won't go overboard and spam you, nor will we sell your email address (or other information) to anyone else. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Oh yeah, one other thing:

On the order contest? At the end of the month, we'll select a coin from the remaining ones and that will be the one for the next month. We reserve the right on the last day of the month to announce WHICH coin is the selected coin for that month if there are no orders for that coin. That means you could get the drop on everybody else and increase your odds of winning. We would probably do that announcement on our Facebook page. The CryptoMercado Facebook page is here.

added products - hot chocolate! (?) Posted on 10 Dec 00:02 , 2 comments

Not a coffee drinker? We like you too!

Added some products to the store tonight, check them out here.

One is chocolate drinking syrup, and the other two are hot chocolate powders. Well, OK, they're fancyish, so one is a "drinking chocolate" and the other is "hot cocoa", but you get the idea.

added new coffee - Zera Posted on 05 Dec 16:13 , 0 comments

Denton has plenty of sellers of coffee, so expect more brands to come as we get the store up and running. I also plan to add some more snack items in terms of nuts - somebody searched the site for "brazil nuts" recently and I realized I've been slacking by focusing too much on coffee!

lower pricing on Big Fatty's products! Posted on 05 Dec 15:38 , 0 comments

Hello folks,

We discovered that the pricing on the Big Fatty's products was incorrect due to an issue with bringing them over from our old system where shipping costs were included in the pricing for simplicity. As a result, the following products are at new, lower prices:

Mistress Karlita's Spanking Rub

Woody's Barbecue Sauce (mild)

These products are currently out of stock, but will reflect the updated prices when re-stocked:


Combustable Cornbread Mix

Woody's Barbecue Sauce (hot)

We have discussed this with Big Fatty's. They will be closed next weekend, but we may see restocks in approximately 2 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience and the incorrect pricing - one person ordered at the high price, and he already has a coupon code to make up for the mistake.

Did I mention - we love you guys? Any questions, comments, concerns? I always want to hear from you! Email me - eljefe at

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CryptoMercado is real - trade your crypto for coffee and snacks. We want to make more happy customers!

a review from a happy customer Posted on 30 Nov 08:00 , 0 comments

Here's a review from one of our earliest customers since the site opened up:

Cryptomercado is a resource needed SO LONG AGO! They have gourmet and unique artisinal options with a huge coffee selection; that will make anyone's palate dance for JOY! They are also adding new products that you might not be able to find at your local supermarket. 

Shipping was fast! It must've traveled here via drone. 
Ordering was easy and pleasant. I can't believe this hasn't been available sooner with the popularity of CryptoCurrency and a lack of places to actually use it. 
My Sales expert was informative and confident in all of the products. I had a plethora of annoying questions and he was just amazing. I bet I might have chosen [ed note - sic - ???]
My only regret is that I wish I ordered more. Highly recommended and used amongst my CryptoGang. 
See you next time! 
Lake Tahoe, California 
Kendall lays it on thick, but we appreciate her thoughts and her as a customer, especially! So far, I've been following up with all the orders and everything's hunky dory. Believe it or not, we actually beta and ALPHA tested CryptoMercado before the storefront was up and running. So if you have any concerns, comments, or questions - we want to hear them! Just email eljefe at any old time.